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Berelé Flask

Round drinking flasks were the glass of choice among the elite Axumite Ethiopians, Egyptians, Romans, and other ancient civilizations.

The berelé ብርሌ flask is still used today exclusively for t’ej (ጠጅ) in Ethiopia. Own a piece of drinking history – the oldest style drinking vessel in current use. Available only from the Honey Wine Company.

Embossed “ጠጅ” on the front and “BDV” on the back make our custom berelé flask a one-of-a-kind. Order flasks for $10 each, or a full box of 48 for your next toga party or wedding and receive a 25% discount. ብርሌ ለሰርግ እና ለማንኛውም ግብዣ ይከራያል (available for rental) ።

Available for ground shipping from our warehouses in North America (California), Australia (Melbourne), Asia (Japan), and Europe (Denmark).

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