Product FAQ

What is the main difference between Bee d’Vine, grape wine, and mead?

Bee d’Vine
Grape Wine
Barrel aged
Available in dry
Fermented with adjuncts like fruits, nuts, vegedivs
Sparkling produced from natural fermentation
Non-tannic / non-bitter
Naturally occuring sulfites
Eco-friendly / low carbon footprint
Delicate pairing for brunch & light foods (Brut)
Balanced semi-sweet pairing with spicy foods (Demi Sec)

Is Bee d’Vine alcoholic?


Yes, 11.5% to 12.5%

How many calories in Bee d’Vine?


Our wines have less calories than typical meads and some grape wines (slight variations occur vintage to vintage).

~125 calories for dry/Brut  per 150ml glass
~140 calories for semi-sweet/Demi Sec per 150ml glass

Are there Sulfites in your wine?


Our wines do not have natural occurring sulfites like grape wines. However, we add small amounts during the aging process and just before bottling. We typically have less than 15 ppm free sulfur which is far less then standard grape wine.

Is Bee d’Vine gluten free?



Should it be chilled at serving?


Yes chill Bee d’Vine as you would white wine when serving, but can be stored at normal room temperature before opening.

How many days will the wine last after opening?


About a week in the fridge. Please refrigerate after opening.

What ingredients are used in your Honey Wine?


Exclusively premium raw honey and springwater.

Logistics FAQ

When will my order ship?


Same day if received by 14:00 California time.

Can I change my order?


Unfortunately not since we fulfill orders as soon as they come in. Kindly make your final selection at the time of order as all orders are final. There is no risk of a bad cork since we use special DIAM technology natural corks that are from from TCA.

Where is my order?


You should receive a tracking number via email as soon as we ship your order, kindly check your junk/spam folder.

Is it okay to ship during summer?


We extensively test Bee d’Vine for possible heat damage and found that there is no appreciable change in taste or appearance. In the hot summer months, we provide icepacks free of charge. In a period of extreme heat spike we will delay shipment and inform you.

FedEx came to deliver my order but no one was home, what do I do?

FedEx will require an adult ID and signature. If you are not home, you should find a notice at your door. Please contact FedEx to arrange a suitable re-delivery time, or arrange to pick-up at a local FedEx center. After the 3rd attempt, the wine will be returned to us and we’ll pass on the cost of re-delivery to you. We suggest office delivery, if possible.