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Did you know that the word honeymoon comes from the ancient tradition of giving the gift of honey wine to newlyweds?

It’s said that newly married couples in ancient Babylon were given gifts of golden honey wine on their wedding day. And as if this was not enough, the newlyweds were directed to drink honey wine every night for a full moon cycle to celebrate their vows – hence, the word “honeymoon.” Read all about it in Chapter V “A Beverage of Mythical Proportions” (“Honeymoon in Babylon” section) of our honey wine book and view colorful custom illustrations like the shy newlyweds below clutching their honey wine.

Order or suggest Bee d’Vine for a wedding (contact us for a bulk discount). In addition to delighting your guests with glasses of unique honey wines there is an interesting story as old as marriage itself!

Illustration from "Honeymoon in Babylon" in The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine book

Illustration from “Honeymoon in Babylon” in The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine book